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If carousels are increasingly used by brands and experienced LinkedIn users, many are still unaware of this format and its interest, especially for optimizing the Dwell Time of LinkedIn’s algorithm.

Here is the link to his LinkedIn post, where he gives all the details. On his profile, you’ll find several examples of carousels you can replicate, as well as the tools and tricks he uses to create them.

Whether you decide to share instructional articles, repurpose blog content, share infographics and more. LinkedIn carousel-formatted posts are a powerful way to bring the community together and share your knowledge for the benefit of all.

To get your message across clearly and compellingly, try to use 5-15 slides at most. They should not only contain text, but a whole visual universe that makes you want to read more.

PS: Now you know all about the LinkedIn carousel! Now you just have to get going and measure the results and organic reach of your posts on each new carousel. We’re sure it will take off.

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Every day the job competition increases. That is why it is important to know how to stand out from the crowd with a view to getting a job, because the smallest details are what will make a recruiter set eyes on you and select you to start the hiring process. (Continue reading: New CNSC vacancies for teachers and teaching managers in Colombia).

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It is dedicated to the manufacture of paper and cardboard for the food industry, paying special attention to the innovation of its products and thus providing its customers with unparalleled service and quality.

The company was founded in 1965 and since then has always been ahead of market demands, evolving towards new concepts for the future. In the 60,000 m2 of its facilities, the company has the necessary departments for printing, waxing, metallizing and complexes.

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Every so often, LinkedIn users receive a message. Try LinkedIn Premium for a month. What are they really offering us? Is it worth paying for a platform that is already very complete in its free version?

Currently, Microsoft’s professional platform offers four types of premium plans. Each one is aimed at a different professional profile and has different functions and prices, although most of the basic features are similar. These are the four LinkedIn Premium plans.

In addition to the specific functionalities of each plan, LinkedIn Premium has a series of common functionalities and service extensions with respect to its basic version. These are cross-cutting for job seekers, businesses, sales professionals or recruiters.

This is the simplest part. If you are determined to try LinkedIn Premium, the good news is that you can do it for free. Through the Free Premium Trial portal, LinkedIn allows you to register free of charge for one month. However, you will have to enter the correct payment information because, after 30 days, it will start charging the corresponding fee. Therefore, to enjoy only 30 days free and not pay later, you will have to unsubscribe before the month expires.